• Ir. Schiff Straat 254-256
    NL-7547 RD Enschede
    The Netherlands

    Telephone: +31 (0)53 431 25 24
    Telefax: +31 (0)53 431 10 85

    E-mail: info@oostdam-metalen.nl
    Internet: www.oostdam-metalen.nl


Oostdam has Liebherr industrialcranes. These cranes fits to processes iron and non-ferrous materials. Each crane is equipped with an aggregate to put the magnets on power.

The cranes have cabins which brings the driver to working height, whether the driver is on the ground or on 4 meter height, the cabin can reach every wanted heightlevel. Our “small cranes” have an arm about 11,5 meter, 13,5 meter and the “big cranes” has a maximum scope about 18.5 meter.

Some cranes are supplied with a quick change system so that the driver can, with one move, change from cutter to grabber or magnet. The hydraulic connection and energycontacts are put in the quick change system, so there is no more handwork anymore.